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Meet the Team


Richard Mackey


Richard has been in the fire industry for almost 30 years and he built Complete Fire Protection from scratch in 1991. Richard has also been MD of another established company within the fire industry.

Richard is ‘cricket mad’ and has toured the world and played for Northwood Cricked Club for over 30 years.

Alex Byron

Technical Director

Alex joined Complete Fire Protection in June 2000 and has worked in different sectors of the fire industry for the last 25 years. Alex carries out the Fire Risk Assessment for Complete Fire Protection and also runs all of the fire training courses.

Alex loves his music and can often be found DJing at various events and parties. He is married with a young family.

Dave Wright

Service Manager

Dave joined just after Alex in 2000 as they had worked together for several years at another fire safety company. Dave specialises in the Dry Riser testing and Fire Hose Reel work. He also has over 15 year’s experience servicing fire extinguishers. Dave now carries out most of the site surveys and organises the daily work for the other fire extinguisher technicians.

Dave loves fishing and travels all over the place on fishing trips. Dave has been on fishing trips with both work colleagues and some of our customers. Dave lives with his partner and has a young family.

Tom Mackey


Tom is Richard’s son who has worked for the business since 2010 and is a valued member of the team.

Tom is a ‘petrol head’ who loves modifying and driving modified cars. Tom and a colleague Mike took part in a sponsored charity event in 2010 called the Urban All Stars Rally. Tom and Mike had to purchase a vehicle for under £200 and drive it to Barcelona in Spain and back. They completed this in four days, had a great time and raised over £1000 for Help the Heroes.




Jackson Bowtell


Jackson joined our team in 2010 and is an enthusiastic member of our fire systems team. In his spare time, he builds and restores classic cars.




We have a large number of highly polished copper, brass and chrome extinguishers in our collection. We also have some very unusual extinguishing equipment / devices and Brigade equipment dating back 80 years or so. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to come and have a look.