We supply and maintain fire extinguishers for all risks of fire, and in all sizes. We can refill and refurbish most types of fire extinguuisher.

  • Water
  • Foam
  • Power
  • CO2
  • Wet Chemical

We can service and maintain equipment supplied by other firms.


Fire Alarm

We supply fit and maintain fire alarm systems from a battery operated smoke detector to a fully integrated open protocol addressible system linked to a monitoring centre. We can maintain systems supplied by others, subject to survey.


Emergency lights

We supply and maintain emergency lights, from a single repalcement bulb to a bespoke system.


Hose reels

Hose reels appear to be going out of fashion, but our extensive knowledge, specialist equipment and tools give us the ability to carry out all manner of alterations, repairs and maintenance.


Fire blankets

We supply fire blankets to domestic, comercial and industrial clients.



We maintain and carry out repairs and alterations to sprinkler systems.


Safety Signs

We can survey and quote for the installation of all manner of Fire safety signs, such as ‘Fire Exit’, ‘Push Bar to Open’ etc. We can supply and fit all types including 3d and photoluminescent and hanging signs of all sizes. We can make bespoke signs to suit your decor or to order.


Staff and Fire warden Training

Often percieved as dry and dull, we have carried out 1000’s of staff training sessions using a mix of interaction with the audiance, DVD’s, hands on live fire training and use of extinguishers and fire blankets, at clients’ sites or ours. These have received the most enthusiastic feedback.



We employ a carpenter who can service your fire doors and make adjustments as required. We can replace or rehang fire doors and build fire proof partitions and cupboards as required, often following a Fire Risk Assessment.


Dry Risers

Have have vast knowledge and experience of testing and servicing Dry Riser stacks throughout the UK. We can carry out a dry service, or a full hydraulic test of most types of dry riser systems. We can adapt and repair and carry out welding as well if required.



We can service and maintain ground hydrants - typically used by the fire services for drawing water from in an emergency. Service includes pressure and flow test, repainting and commenting on each hydrant in our reports.


Rentals and hiring

We can rent or hire fire equipment and carry a stock of around 150 various, and fairly new, units. All are serviced and signed before handover.



We also carry out regular PAT Testing, weekly bell tests, Automatic Opening Venting systems (AOV’s), flow tests and can supply ancilliary products such as log books, manual bells, trolleys, stands, Dorgards etc.

Occassionally we come across or are asked about work were we do not consider ourselves specialists. In this case, we can pass on details of others firms or individuals that we feel may be better suited to help.


We have a large number of highly polished copper, brass and chrome extinguishers in our collection. We also have some very unusual extinguishing equipment / devices and Brigade equipment dating back 80 years or so. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to come and have a look.