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Fire Prevention

Fire Risk Assessment

UK Fire Safety Legislation requires all businesses to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

Have you got a suitable & sufficient Fire Risk Assessment for your business / building?

UK Fire Safety Legislation requires all businesses to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 or Fire Safety Order (FSO) for short became Law on the 1st October 2006 it replaces all previous fire safety legislation and any Fire Certificated issued under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 will cease to have any effect.

Other legislation such as the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulation 1999 is not affected.

Employers Property owners and managers have now become responsible for fire safety in their workplace / building. The FSO applies to workplaces / buildings with little exception and the common areas of flats, maisonettes, HMO’s and sheltered housing. All employers who employ at least 5 staff must carry out or organise a FRA and record their findings.

Complete Fire Protection have been carrying out FRA for our customers for over 10 years and we have worked closely with the Fire & Rescue Service, insurance companies and Local Authorities in that time.

The method we use is the five - step method which is recommended by the Home Office, which is as follows;

i ) Identifying the fire hazard
ii ) Identifying the people at the highest risk
iii) Remove or reduce the fire hazard
iv) Rate the risk (high, medium or low)
v) Record your findings and review annually

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Fire Training

Often perceived as dry and dull, we have carried out 1000’s of staff training sessions using a mix of interaction with the audience, DVD’s, hands on live fire training and use of extinguishers and fire blankets, at clients’ sites or ours. These have received the most enthusiastic feedback.

UK Fire Safety Legislation also requires employers to carry out adequate safety training.

Article 21 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states The Responsible Person must ensure that his/her employees are provided with adequate fire safety training.

Without doubt the best way of preventing fires from starting and spreading out of control is through effective training and organisation.

We offer a wide range of superb fire safety training packages to suit different needs.

These range from basic fire extinguisher training and demonstrations to certificated Fire Awareness and Fire Warden training.

All of our courses can be adapted and tailored to suit any business whether large or small.

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PAT Testing

PAT testing is a requirement of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Since the introduction of the no smoking laws the highest cause of accidental fires in the workplace is from faulty or the misuse of electrical equipment. Although the frequency of testing can change depending on the appliance to be safe and ensure equipment does not get forgotten it is advised this is carried out annually.


We have a large number of highly polished copper, brass and chrome extinguishers in our collection. We also have some very unusual extinguishing equipment / devices and Brigade equipment dating back 80 years or so. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to come and have a look.